Dr. Esau will provide strategies, techniques, and exercises that will provoke you to push past barriers and walk in total healing. Coaching packages are customized to each client.

Doc K once said to me, “Kathy, my desire is to see you healed and whole even if your marriage is not saved, You want to heal for the next chapter.” I had to cry and sometimes I still do, because no one and I mean no one, has ever been that honest and direct with me concerning my pain! Since being part of W.H.O.L.E. I have rediscovered me! I feel that I am on my way to becoming ALL that God intends for me to be; I have applied and continue to apply the lectures from her series in my life and my marriage. No longer am I defeated, I am putting in the necessary work, putting the pieces together, and trusting the process more than ever. I am honored that God laid me on Doc K’s heart and allowed me to be a part of such a vital lifeline for marriages. Surviving infidelity is possible, brokenness in marriages can be healed, but even if your marriage does not survive, you have to! Today I Am Becoming W.H.O.L.E.!
~ Kathy Johnson