Dr. Katrina Esau

“Exceeds expectations, eliminates limitations, and empowers excellence on a global scale.”

Dr. Katrina Esau

“Exceeds expectations, eliminates limitations, and empowers excellence on a global scale.”

Helping Women Heal One Conversation at a Time

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Dr. Katrina Esau’s mission in life is to help other women hurting from the pain of infidelity reclaim their power and walk in total healing. Her desire was birthed after coming face to face with infidelity in her own marriage, having bouts of hopelessness, and feeling alone in her marital journey.

Dr. Esau is a dynamic speaker known for her wit and transparency that inspires hope and provokes women to Normalize Healing Openly™

She is a Certified Christian Life Coach, Certified HIScoach, and midwife for the broken-hearted. She equips kingdom minded women with the spiritual and mental tools they need to HEAL from the trauma and hurt of infidelity. As a result, they are able to reestablish trust, self-love, and birth their way into purpose ultimately shifting the trajectory of their lives!

As the CEO of KE3 Worldwide Enterprises and Founder of WHOLE, she helps women gain clarity, recognize their value, and walk boldly in their power. They walk away understanding who they are and implementing boundaries to protect what’s most important to them. She integrates her professional knowledge, personal experience, and prophetic insight to help her clients eliminate self-imposed limitations and inspire them to achieve a greater scale of excellence.

What We Do

My Story

In 2003, I experienced the worst pain I ever could have imagined, infidelity. It’s something I would not wish on my worst enemy. Going through the betrayal of infidelity, cheating, adultery, (whichever term suits your fancy) impacts your emotional well-being at its core. It challenged everything I thought I knew about me, my husband, and what I was doing as a woman to build my family.

While I thought I was secure in my identity, I quickly learned I had lost Katrina. I didn’t know who she was or what she loved to do. My self-esteem plummeted. Insecurity took over and before I knew it, I was hiding behind the mask of hurt and shame. All while being a “successful” leader in the corporate world, a collegiate student, and mother. I loved God, was faithful to my local church, and served others diligently. How could this happen to me? That thought plagued me ultimately magnifying trust issues. All of the glaring red flags became like duh? But how many of you know, hindsight is always 20/20?

Overcoming the hurt and pain of infidelity seems impossible, but I’m a living witness it can be done. Shame, hurt, guilt, bitterness, unforgiveness, nor anger are your portion. You don’t have to stay in “that” place. Inner healing is possible when you DO YOUR WORK. It’s an arduous process and ever ongoing, but my life today is infinitely better than it was even before I suffered the despair of infidelity. I have learned to forgive, rebuild trust, overcome barriers, recognize triggers, practice self-care, and implement boundaries to protect my well-being.

Today, I am HEALED and my marriage is RESTORED!! I have the honor and privilege of helping other women do their work so they too can walk in healing and wholeness. Let me help you along your journey to healing. You too can transform the pain of cheating into a vibrant life of joy and peace.

I look forward to meeting you,


What They Say

Angela Boone Author

I had the opportunity to take the 'I Am Designed to Withstand' course with Dr. Katrina and found it to be helpful in so many ways. Dr. Katrina provides tools to use in order for you to work through those things that hinder you from walking in freedom. She helps you identify triggers that keep you from growing and challenges you to eliminate them. The assignments given helped me to do some introspection while developing affirmations to help me overcome hinderances.

Kat C., Pillow Talk Attendee

Most people call her Katrina or Dr. Katrina...to me, she is Dr. Amazing. Although we may know we aren't alone in what we go through, reading someone else's story in black and white carried a different kind of power for me. Enough so, that I voiced and talked about things with a group of women, which was totally outside my comfort zone. For me, she will always be Dr. Amazing.

Anonymous, Grateful Client

I'm finally at a place where I am ready to heal, forgive, and move into the next chapter of my life with my husband. I am very thankful for Dr. Esau's book - The Pain of Infidelity Births Purpose, The W.H.O.L.E. Academy, and her closed Facebook Group for being a safe place.

Diana, 21-Day Journey Participant

I am sharing YOU, your devotional, and the power of your 21 days journey participant.

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