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“Exceeds expectations,  eliminates limitations, and empowers excellence on a global scale.”

My Book & Journal

Dr. Katrina Esau is the author of The Pain of Infidelity Births Purpose and the accompanying journal, The Blueprint to Becoming WHOLE. 

Dr. Katrina


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My Story

It started in the pit of my stomach. An uneasiness. A nagging pang. I couldn’t put my finger on it at first. The way he left the house, swiftly saying goodbye.  That faraway look in his eyes at the dinner table. And then September 2003, what seemed to be all of a sudden, WHAM! There it was.  Without ever seeing him in action, I knew it at my core nonetheless: I found out my husband was cheating on me. On ME:

A woman with her Doctorate in Organizational Leadership who’d spent over a decade leading Fortune 500 companies to successfully complete projects on time while yielding over 40% increases in revenues.

A woman of God who not only went to church on the regular but read Scripture on her own. Who went on retreats seeking His council, who tithed, for His sake–Why on earth did this happen to me?  How? And how dare the father of my child do this to me?

You Are Invited!

Are you a wife that has endured infidelity and you’re looking for a safe place to heal, be open,  honest, and garner support and encouragement? Having walked through infidelity, that was something I longed for so it’s my desire to create that for other wives.

Are you ready to be empowered, transformed, and inspired?

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