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The Blueprint to Becoming WHOLE is a journal for women, designed to help bring transformation through journaling thoughts, prayers, triumphs, or emotions. It is a nice companion to the book “The Pain of Infidelity, Birth’s Purpose” as it provides exercises, reflection questions, and affirmations designed to provoke you to dig deeper into self-examination and help you in your journey of transformation to becoming WHOLE (Wives Healing Openly Leaving Him Exalted).

The Pain of Infidelity Births Purpose is a Blueprint for the woman who has experienced the pain of cheating and infidelity. Whether married, divorced, separated, or single if she is a woman in need of healing from relationship hurt​ this book is for her. It will help her build a relationship with God, walk in the newness of life, and learn to forgive. It will teach her how to trust and rebuild the trust lost within her relationship. It will provide strategies on how to trust yourself and your partner. It will take you through the process of healing through prayer, self-care, and the road to restoration.

Are you ready to be empowered, transformed, and inspired?

Doc, your book hit me right in the heart. Not just because I know you personally, but also because I know marriage is hard enough without any trauma or drama. What you went through would have been a death sentence for most marriages…But God!!! I was then encouraged by your battle and the strength you showed. Always believing, being steadfast and unmovable despite what was happening around you. Finally, I was overjoyed by the reconciliation that God orchestrated in your marriage and to see where your marriage is today. Thank you being an example and for being obedient to God in sharing your story. 

Greg Parmer